Spam Phone Call from Jefferson Capital Systems Debt Collectors 833-226-7972

I have been relentlessly harassed by the assholes who work for Jefferson Capital Systems. I found a way to block their phone number – 1 8332267972, but not before they called over a dozen times with sometimes there being a call a day. Sometimes you can’t really trust the Google reviews, but sometimes it is […]

FIX: Windows Store App Tile Won’t Work to Download Free Windows 8.1 Update

Now that the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 came out, I decided to test it to see how it integrates Bing search more into the core of the operating system. One problem though, to install the free upgrade you need to be able to launch the Windows Store App. Lots of advice here & elsewhere […]

Sony Vaio Laptop Windows 8 Screen Brightness Dim

In Windows 8 there is a featured called “adaptive brightness” which is often blamed for screen brightness settings going astray. However, with Sony Vaio laptops the disaster that causes the automated screen dimming is a setting withing the Vaio control panel. Put your finger to the right side of the laptop’s display & swipe it […]

How To Set Up a Replacement Fitbit Tracker With Your Current Account

If you search around the web for information on how to replace a lost Fitbit pedometer it seems information is pretty scarce. There are complaints about getting one that is cracked & then some other random ecommerce websites that sell Fitbits that want to sell you another, but no real advice on how to set up your new […]