Tag-line Fun

So I got a bit of flack when I changed my tag-line from “a new chapter every day…” to “Learn. Rank. Dominate.”

I actually changed it before I changed my business model and people thought I was just being arrogant. I think one problem with the perception of the old brand was that it made it sound like I am always learning and you have to keep learning SEO every day. It perhaps was off putting for some people. Plus the price point and lack of interaction (unless I wanted to answer 4+ hours of email every day) limited how much I could teach people.

What are the odds that one linearized book was perfect for everyone? Not likely. Many people who bought that book probably never read the whole thing. So I broke it into chunks, added multimedia, and put it all online. Suddenly an endless sea of good information turns from overwhelming to a great asset. Increase the price-point to go with the shift and you attract the right kinds of customers who want to dominate. Plus with the increased price-point you have enough time to help each of your customers out one on one.

And if you ever worked in the corporate world, and saw department heads going back and forth, it is no secret that most people at the top of large companies want to crush the competition and dominate their marketplace.

And most people who work independently also want to dominate their market. It wears you down doing everything by yourself, so you really have to want it really bad to stick with it…you have to want to dominate the marketplace.

It starts with learning then ranking, and when you have done a lot of both of those that sets you up for market domination.

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