Fat Man

and so it begins 😉

My mom now has the curse of managing my old weight loss blog. Truth is, while I ran that blog I gained weight almost the whole time due to working too much. I spend way too much time being a webmaster and not enough living living living…so I thought why not use obnoxious social pressure to help me correct some of my errors 😉

So the below graph should show how fat I am…and I will have it tweet my weight too. Currently in the 230 range, down from 320 at peak fatness. Can once again do reverse layups on the basketball court, so that’s a start. 😀


3 thoughts on “Fat Man

  1. Is this the Aaron Wall who is the author of Birdcage?


    Answer: As in a poem written about 14 years ago? If so, then most likely, yes. Though I’m not sure where it is published online or offline at this point.

    • That would be it. I happen to be in the same boat per say. And that poem meant a lot to me whenever I found it. It would mean a lot to have a chat with someone with the same experiences.


      Answer: I sent you an email a day or two ago. Feel free to email it back if you’d like 🙂 Not sure where/how you found that poem, but glad you liked it.

  2. Aaron, shipmate, talk to me buddy.


    Answer: How it goes man? Just sent you an email. 🙂

    Oh…the email I sent you was rejected by Gmail, so I think you left the wrong email address on your comment.

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